About KND

KND is a team of accountants – including 3 Certified Public Accountants and a trained team of accountants, bookkeepers and support staff – who provide accounting services in Monroe and West Monroe to businesses and individuals. We specialize in accounting services for self-employed, small businesses, and professional companies.

In 1977 Jack Grable, Johnnie Kelly, Doug Kelly, and Terry Noland formed a partnership. They started the company to provide personalized financial guidance to businesses and individuals. Back then it was serious paper pushing. Computers were few, bean counting was in, and online research hadn’t been invented yet. Accounting was tough work.

Jack passed away in 1991, and Doug passed away in 1986. Johnnie and Terry continued to grow the business and have remained partners with a successful CPA practice for more than 47 years. Accounting is still tough work, but the work is different today. Now computers are in every office and paperwork has gone digital. Work can be managed online and information shared easily with clients. Johnnie’s daughter, Kenda, received her CPA license in 2004 and joined the team. Kenda has triggered even more advancements in online client services.

Even though technology has changed, some things still remain the same. Every client receives close analysis of their business, a plan of action, and personalized service. The KND office is never quiet. Clients come in often to chat or share a cup of coffee. One thing we hear most often is that our clients like us because we are always accessible. If one of us is out someone else will take calls, answer questions, etc. You can always reach a live person at KND.

Our dedication to clients and our hard work has earned the respect of the business and financial community here in Northeast Louisiana. We believe this is because of our responsiveness to our clients and our love of what we do. Drop in and see how we can help make your business and personal life easier.

Meet our business experts

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Certified Public Accountant

Johnnie’s favorite thing about being a CPA? Her relationships with other professionals. “I like when it’s not just dollars and cents but when I understand the needs of my client and help them budget appropriately.” Clients’ favorite thing about Johnnie? The unique tales of her travel experiences and her definite quick wit!


Certified Public Accountant

Terry brings valuable balance to KND and a different perspective than others around the office. “I look forward to coming in to the office every day because of my clients. Without them, I would have no contact with males at all!” Terry explains. Terry’s wife Beckie works at the office too. She can be found ordering office supplies (her favorite thing to do) or checking in with their 3 grown sons.


Certified Public Accountant

Kenda was running paper through a shredder at this office when she was 7 years old. She grew up speaking accounting as her second language. For her, being a CPA was a given. Since becoming a licensed CPA in 2004 she has taken the practice to new heights with their online client services. “I don’t think people understand how easy we make it until they get hooked in to our system.”


Kelly, Noland + Ducote is a certified public accounting firm in West Monroe. Our clients come from all over North Louisiana and range from  small business professionals to individuals and families.


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