Business Office Management is like having a full-time accounting staff in your office (but we don’t consume any of your coffee). Business Office Management is an all-inclusive accounting service. We handle the day-to-day accounting hassles while you focus on the tasks that make you money.

Getting Started with Business Office Management

Setting up Business Office Management for your office is simple. You tell us your business plans and we determine how best to meet those needs. We start by gaining access to your bookkeeping (we recommend online Quickbooks) then we create an account and give you a login to our system.

Once we are connected online you are ready to go. We get your receipts, you get accurate reports on where your money is going. We receive your employees’ hours; they get their paychecks deposited automatically in their account. You tell us your business goals; we set financial benchmarks to help you meet those goals. And we report to you all throughout the year.

Smart tax planning makes all the difference when April 15th rolls around. With our Business Office Management service you will be advised on decisions made throughout the year that can lessen your annual tax burden. With our keen oversight of your daily finances, you can count on receiving every deduction available.

What it is

Business Office Management is the administration of all accounting services by KN+D. This frees up your time, office resources, and personnel to focus on your core business. You provide us with all your business paperwork (expenses, receipts, and employee hours) and our staff provides daily bookkeeping tasks, payroll, and tax filings., Actions are completed online through KN+D’s client portal. Communication and paperwork exchanges happen in real-time so that your information is always accessible. BOM makes access to your information easy. You no longer have to remember when payroll is due, when estimated taxes should be filed, or how to plan for upcoming expenses. Once a plan is established, KN+D handles everything for you.

why it helps

We are leaders in Business Management

We specialize in meeting the needs of our clients with smart planning and individualized goals.


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