Payroll is the same if there are one or one hundred employees – they all must have taxes withheld and they must be paid on time. Payroll is likely one of your largest business expenses and usually the one that causes the most frustration. Some business owners allow payroll to dictate their vacation days! Payroll laws are always changing – maintaining compliance can be difficult. Payroll tax penalties can be costly. Using CPA managed payroll eliminates worry.  KND provides CPA Managed payroll, saving you time and money.  We make it quick and easy to upload your payroll information to us each month. We process the data and provide you with payroll services electronically. We make payroll simple.

Payroll made easy

Once you upload your payroll data via the Internet, we take care of the rest. This includes check printing and direct deposits. We also handle payroll tax services such as W-2 processing andfiling up-to-date quarterly and annual payroll taxes.

What it is

KND handles all functions of payroll, freeing up your time for more important matters. You simply provide us with the hours your employees worked, and any variances, and we process their paycheck. This includes withholding and paying all federal, state, and local taxes as well as Medicare and Social Security.


We are leaders in Business Management

We specialize in meeting the needs of our clients with smart planning and individualized goals.


Kelly, Noland + Ducote is a certified public accounting firm in West Monroe. Our clients come from all over North Louisiana and range from  small business professionals to individuals and families.


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